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Are Swollen Ankles Troubling You?

June 28, 2024

Swollen ankles, which our podiatrist at Huguenot Podiatry Group refers to as edema, are a common condition among older adults, causing tightness and discomfort. Sometimes edema can be relatively benign, although the swelling can also be a sign of a more serious underlying condition. Let’s take a look at this common complaint and explain how to prevent it from affecting your mobility.

Some of the causes of edema are sitting or standing for prolonged periods, which causes your body’s fluids to pool in your ankles; injuries like strains, strains or fractures that induce swelling; some medications including those for blood pressure and hormone replacement therapy; hormonal changes during pregnancy; or serious health conditions like heart, kidney or liver disease. 

Preventing edema can be accomplished by staying active and maintaining a healthy weight; cutting down on salt, which can contribute to fluid retention; always wearing properly fitting footwear with good arch support; and elevating the ankles while resting to keep them above the level of your heart. For temporary relief at home, you can try applying cold compresses, soaking your feet in cool water, and wearing compression stockings to reduce swelling. 

If these measures don’t provide relief, it’s time to consult our podiatrist, especially if the swelling has appeared suddenly and is severe; if the swelling is painful, accompanied by redness or warmth in the ankle or ankles; and especially if your medical history includes blood clots or other underlying conditions. 

Keep in mind that our doctor of podiatric medicine at Huguenot Podiatry Group is an expert at all aspects pertaining to the health of the feet and the ankles. A comprehensive evaluation by our medical expert includes a detailed conversation about each patient’s medical history, a hands-on examination of the affected area, and an analysis of their mobility concerns. Our goal is to reduce your discomfort and provide the treatment necessary to get you back on your feet, comfortably and confidently. Please contact us today for an appointment.